Trigris (trigris) wrote,

Wants List! Finally.

I'm always on the hunt for any unusual Feraligatr merch, so if anyone has anything interesting feel free to show me :D I also collect Croconaw and Totodile, but right now I'm focused on Feraligatr and Croconaw a little bit more. (Sorry for any pictures that may be anyones, if you want me to take them down let me know :])

Feraligatr Can Badge. The pose is really unique and I would love to add it to my collection.

 photo feralbadge_zpsd45c2e9b.jpg

ANY of the metal Feraligatrs (UPDATE! I have copper so other colors please!), not holding my breath though since these are hella rare.

 photo silverf_zpsccf36449.jpg

I don't have much else to post since Gen 2 merch is hard to come by, but if there is any Gatrs that aren't listed here and you have them, please show them to me.

I am also an avid flats collector of UNIQUE Feraligatr poses, I'll definitely buy those as well :)

Thanks for looking!
Tags: feraligatr, wants
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